Who builds a pop star?

Seiun Virtual Idols is an indie production founded in 2016. It is a side project of Ben Laudicano (aka Vixki), a Graphic Designer, Web Developer, and lifelong fan of Vocal Synthesizers. The goal of Seiun Virtual Idols is to create unique voices inspired by retro-futuristic dreams of glowing holograms and digital pop stars.

Since her launch in May 2016, Seiun Virtual Idols’ own Viki Hopper has been featured in several original songs and is currently a featured act in the VOCAMERICA concert series.

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Ben (Vixki)

Founder & Designer

By smashing some keys, they were somehow able to make this whole thing happen.


Office Cat

His keyboard inspections and occasional mouse hunting cement him as the backbone of this entire operation

And You!

Someone Awesome

We’re always trying to do more awesome things, want to get involved?